Purple Bridesmaids

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Purple Bridesmaids

10 new facts about getting married in Ireland

Purple Bridesmaids

  1. It’s official. Purple is the most popular accent colour choice for Irish Brides! It fought off stiff competition from black, gold, red, and royal blue. Which is kind of ironic because I’d wager you’d get a pretty nice shade of purple by mixing up a bit of all those colours!
  2. Almost a quarter of couples surveyed got engaged in December. If you’re waiting for your man to pop the question I have some bad news for you – April is the least popular month to get engaged.
  3. On an economic front, the current climate has affected most people, with a whopping 41.2% having one or other partner suffered a pay cut since it kicked in. But the party isn’t suffering as 67% said it hasn’t affected their wedding plans.
  4. …Maybe that’s because most of us are saving for over 2 years before taking the plunge.
  5. Most of you do your research online, which is great news for blogs like this one! Keep up the good work, ladies!
  6. And if you’re having guest list issues, you can now proudly quote that the average number of guests at an Irish wedding is between 101 and 150. Sorry Auntie Maisy’s third cousin, sorry former dog-gr00mer of five years ago.
  7. Wedding favours are one trend that is in the descent, 29% of people rated them as ‘Not important’, and 43% said they’d prefer to leave them to DIY or a non-professional.
  8. Speaking of DIY, we’re a creative bunch! Almost half of us are making our own invitations, that makes it the most popular DIY project for Irish wedding couples.
  9. More Irish brides would prefer to have a professional Make Up Artist for their wedding than a professional florist.
  10. And what’s our top priority when it comes to weddings? The venue, with old favourite the Dress coming a close second in the money stakes.

Where did I attain all of this insightful knowledge? Well, no, I can’t claim any credit. It’s from the comprehensive Irish Wedding Survey 2011 by mrs2be.ie and Aislinn Events. You can read all the findings here. It makes very interesting reading!

[box]Photographs by Visionary Photography & Rubistyle[/box]

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