Pooches at the Party

Last week’s poll was about animal involvement in weddings. This post weighs up the pros, cons and the Pedigree Chum…

Hands up, I am a total animal lover. There is not a little bundle of fluff that won’t make me go a little bit doe-eyed. Even the world’s ugliest dog had her own kind of disheveled appeal.

Dog jumps up on bride

"Oscar, don't even think about it"

Living in the city we can’t keep pets but at home my parents have the funniest little critter, Lennie. This dog just loves company. He’s an outdoor dog but he knows your whereabouts at all times and the best vantage point from which to watch you in through the window. Sounds kinda creepy but I promise you it’s cute.

Anyway, come the big day when I don the gown and make my way churchwards, will Lennie be in tow wearing a little bow tie? Sadly, no. See fashion isn’t really Lennie’s thing. In fact, he’s more of an antifashion pooch as he likes nothing more than to jump up on people, especially those wearing white. Does not bode well for me come the big day!

Recently when Robbie Williams and Ayda Field tied the knot they famously had their dogs as bridesmaids. Was it just because the UFOs couldn’t make it that day? No, it was because they were huge animal lovers. With a suitably huge budget to match.

I don’t think Lennie would appreciate having to sit still for the duration of the ceremony or the loud music and the dancing (although the dinner would probably be a leftover bonanza for him). We have every other day of our lives to chase him around the garden playing football, but on our wedding day he’ll be as content to roam the garden on his own.

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  1. I don’t have any pets, but I love animals. However, I don’t believe a wedding is a place to have an animal. There’s so much going on, they’re going to get neglected at some point. And there’s also the whole ‘wee-ing on my expensive dress’ thing to consider!

    • I agree with you there Karen, it’s one thing for the likes of Oscar who lives at a wedding venue, but a pet who is used to a lot of one-on-one attention with its owners would be like a fish out of water.

  2. modder

    Lisa, Lennie will be disappointed – He heard me talking the other day about your wedding and the tail went hyper.

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