Wedding Pic Envy - Featured Pinterest Board

Pinterest Featured Board – Wedding Pic Envy

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Today I’m dee-lighted to set the ball rolling on a new regular blog feature – designed specifically to deliver maximum wedding inspiration in one place. You may recall our previous feature on Pinterest - the online virtual pinboard where you can create inspiration boards and share photographs – well this series will highlight some of my favourite boards and convince you, if you haven’t already signed up, that it’s the place to be for sharing inspiration and gathering your wedding inspiration. Not only that, you can follow friends’ boards and try to figure out what they’re planning…


Wedding Pic Envy

Today I’d like to kick off with a board that I’ve curated to share with our photographers, so before the wedding we could be sure we were all on the same page. Any time I saw a wedding photograph that I thought was really brilliant, one that I wished was one of ours - I pinned it here.

Wedding Pic Envy - Featured Pinterest Board

Hopefully I’ll be able to pin some of our own wedding photos on this board when we get them back!


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