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Our Story: Weekend trip to Darver

Last weekend, myself, Ro and both sets of parents paid a visit to our Reception Venue, Darver Castle for a tour. It was Ro’s parents’ first time up there and we were eager to know what they thought of the place.

And… they loved it! I have to say even my own parents were impressed with the place (they’d seen it before and loved it but it managed to grow on them since then). Even though it all sounds rather regal (it’s a castle after all!), it is just so homely – and it’s far from castles I was reared, I assure you.

After a meeting with Julia, our co-ordinator to iron out a few plans for the big day, we took the tour of the castle – through its 10 bedrooms, reception rooms, kitchens and the banqueting suite. Then we went up to the Grain Store restaurant for a delicious three course meal.

On the way out the door we bumped into a man my Dad knows and his wife. It’s rare we go anywhere in Leinster (and many parts of Ulster, for that matter) that Dad doesn’t know someone! The pair of them were going to a 50th wedding anniversary party in the Grain Store, and the wife had been a bridesmaid at the wedding all those years ago. What a delightful story, and it really got me thinking about the wedding, and beyond…

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