Our Story: Turkish Delight

Ro and I are just back from an amazing week in Turkey. We booked it not knowing what to expect as neither of us had ever been to Turkey before but it was, as I say, amazing.

We stayed in a hotel called the Palmin Sunset Plaza (and when I say we stayed, we literally only left the place three times over the course of the week). It was definitely at the fancier end of the spectrum which was a nice surprise. The restaurant overlooked the sea where the sun sets.

And… the best part? They do weddings! I am a sucker for a wedding abroad so please any of my close friends reading this who are thinking of going away for your wedding, consider this place.

There were two weddings over the course of the week, both civil ceremonies taking place at sunset. Very romantic!

Back to the daily grind now…

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  1. Wow!! Looks stunning….

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