Retro Teal and Coral Newspaper Invitations

Our Story: Invitations!


Retro Newspaper InvitationsYou might expect, as our big day draws ever-closer *mini dance* that I’d have lots of Our Story posts, but over the past while they’ve been a little slim on the ground. This all changes today though, when I get to share with you something that I’m very excited about – our invitations!

Aren’t they awesome! I am so delighted with the way they turned out especially as it was a collaborative effort between myself (on design), Mr Joy (on spellcheck) and the wonderful White Tea Photography doing what they do best (more on that to come when I blog about our engagement shoot with them – which is where the pics came from).

Well Mr Joy and I both work in a newspaper so we wanted to incorporate that at some point into our wedding plans, but we also wanted to give it a quirky twist. After a Mad Men season too many, we are both obsessed with retro style, especially 50s modern and that inspired the design of the invites.

We put in quirky touches like Personal Ads (each seeking each other)…

Retro Teal and Coral Newspaper Invitations

Cute moustaches and lips on the evening invites…Retro Teal and Coral Newspaper Invitations

And a very long-range weather forecast…

Retro Teal and Coral Newspaper InvitationsAs well as an arty map to the venues.

And our favourite part? A comic strip! But you’ll have to wait for the full Engagement Session post for that one…

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  1. That is too cute! Beautifully done Lisa

  2. So different Lisa it’s fantastic! Can’t wait to see the engagement pics. Sure to be super too!

  3. Keith

    Love them Lisa, I’ve never seen invitations like these – very original! And you guys are fans of Mad Men too?! Can’t wait for the next season myself!

  4. Ailbhe

    They are stunning and so different!! love that you’ve injected your personalities into it :)

  5. Lisa, I’m not exaggerating or telling a lie when I say that these are the BEST invitations that I have ever seen. They are so smart and personal, you should be so proud.

  6. Ana

    I love this idea really orignal and you’ve managed to get all the important info in as well…great!

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