Our Lucky Day: or, My Fiancé is a rock star

Rohan and I

Our Saturday afternoon was as average as you could imagine. Rohan was reading a book while I multitasked (blogging, tweeting, and watching the Coronation Street omnibus). When one of my twitter pals announced he had tickets to the Carlsberg Comedy Carnival to give away. For the three o’clock show. …It was a quarter past two. I was fastest twitter first and got the free tickets, the pair of us grabbed our jackets and hailed a taxi.

It turned out the tickets were for Dead Cat Bounce and the Rubber Bandits. We had heard of both of these acts before but that was about it. We hadn’t a clue what to expect.

Rubber Bandits are Limerick gangsta rappers with plastic bags over their heads and Dead Cat Bounce are like Def Leppard meets Flight of the Conchords. Towards the end of the set DCB did a song called ‘The Kick’ and they picked someone out of the audience to dance with them. Well you can see where this is going…

Rock n' Rohan

Rock 'n' Rohan

Rohan was picked out and with minimal coaxing he was up on the stage – where he learned to do the Kick dance, told a ‘Yo Momma’ joke (in the style of Chris Rock for some reason) and did a card trick. He displayed numerous undiscovered talents! And I was in stitches in the second row. He earned some free drinks for his efforts.

Rohan with Dead Cat Bounce

Rohan with his new friends after the gig

After the gig, we decided to hang around and use up the drink tokens, and see another show. Flight of the Conchord’s Arj Barker was on the bill too, but when we got to the ticket booth it was sold out. Well, we must have looked fierce disappointed cause a security guard took pity on us and gave us tickets to see Maeve Higgins, Bo Durnham and Reggie Watts half an hour from then!

So that’s two free comedy shows, free beer and the notoriety of being ‘that guy’ for a day… Sweet as.

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  1. Darragh Verschoyle

    Excellent stuff sounds like a great day out altogether!

  2. Siobhan

    Ha ha Brilliant!!!! :)

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