Sparkly Wedding Shoes DIY

Our DIY Wedding – Sparkly Shoes How-To

I have been dying to share this post for so long! My wedding shoes turned out to be quite a clandestine affair…


I’d fallen for a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes from a few seasons before that were totally out of my budget (as well as out of stock), so I decided to recreate them myself. I picked up a pair of heels that I liked the shape of from New Look, and following Bride Fairy’s direction (with a few quirky detours), I set about sticking on a gazillion tiny crystals to the shoes – all while Mr. Joy was out at football. He hadn’t a clue. Here’s how I went about it.

My DIY Shoes

These are the shoes in their original state – I loved the shape and the peep toe but I wasn’t mad about the bow for the wedding so off they came with a few careful snips.

My DIY Shoes

It didn’t matter that removing the bow revealed stitch marks and glue, they were soon to be hidden.

My DIY Shoes

My DIY Shoes

With my shoes freshly de-bowed, the bedazzling began in earnest. I picked up the rhinestones from Lardystick on eBay Lesley will be able to make sure you get the right crystals just ask for Lisa’s Special Order. I used about 3300 crystals in a mixture of 3, 4 and 5mm. Lesley also supplied the special glue and tools for lifting and placing the crystals.

My DIY Shoes

My DIY Shoes

Working in small sections I first spread the glue out on the surface of the shoe. The opposite end of the tool was useful for spreading.

My DIY Shoes

My DIY Shoes

Then I picked up the crystals individually and placed them onto the glue. I’m not gonna lie to you, this process was a long one. Each stone was hand-placed, working with a variety of sizes all the time.

My DIY Shoes

Ta-Da! Now repeat 3299 times and you’re done.

I got so many compliments on the shoes and it was great to be able to tell people they were DIY! And even Mr Joy was delighted… he had been perplexed by the little rhinestones he kept finding in the sitting room even though I’m not one for sparkly clothes! I think he was relieved to realise he wasn’t going mad!

DIY Sparkly Wedding Shoes

Altogether the shoes cost me about eighty euro, which was a massive saving against the price of those lovely Louboutins I had lusted after.

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  1. Aisling@Rangoli

    So *sparkiful* Lisa! I’m so impressed with your patience; 3300 crystals and how many minutes? Love the black and white photo of you wearing them too.

    • Lisa

      Too many minutes to mention Aisling! That gorgeous photo is just one of a load taken by the talented We are the Mastersons on the day, I can’t wait to share them :) And I promise it will be soon. Thanks for your lovely comment

  2. Oh my goodness Lisa, I hope you have those beauties high up in a glass cabinate to be wowed and adored by all! please tell me that they are not worn out of a Saturday night!!! Love all the DIY that went into your wedding. :)

    • Lisa

      I have yet to find a suitable occasion (or glass cabinet for that case!) for them but hopefully they will get another outing or two in the future!

  3. Wow, that’s dedication to the show cause right there! They look amazing and must be so much more special knowing you created the sparkly magic yourself! I’m sure you’ll get to wear them again soon!

  4. Victoria

    What was the name of EVERYTHING that you used here, I’m going to do the same thing. and what kind of shoe fabric was it? think it could be done with patent leather shoes? Thanks!!

    • Lisa

      Glad you loved them as much as I do Victoria! Here goes…

      Crystal Clear Diamante Flat Back Rhinestone Gems in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm sizes – 1,400 of each approximately (and I have small feet!)
      Satin New Look heels
      Trim-it craft glue
      Gem Craft tool
      Like I mentioned, it’s all (bar the shoes) available from Lardystick on eBay
      I’m not sure if it would work on patent shoes, the best thing to do would be to ask wherever you buy the glue. Best of luck with the project – send me a photo of the finished shoes I’d love to see em!

  5. Emma Rose

    They are AMAZING!! What a fantastic idea, don’t suppose you want to repeat the process for my wedding in 2014 :D

  6. Em

    Wow, that must have taken forever! Hope you rewarded yourself with a well-deserved glass of wine afterwards :) I was thinking of doing something like this for my wedding, but might only have the patience to do this heel like this:

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