Wedding After Session

New Wedding Trend: After Sessions

Wedding After Session
We’ve all heard of engagement shoots, boudoir photography and trash the dress sessions – but what if you want some relaxed photos of the pair of you in all your finery? Simples. Have an After Session.
Wedding After Session
This is a new trend that has been growing over the past few years. It’s a perfect solution for the time problem on the big day. It also gives you something to look forward to in the immediate aftermath of the Happiest Day of Your Lives.
Photographer David Cardoso aka Davidone tells us, “In France, we have a lot of After Sessions – ’cause the couple can be more relaxed – they aren’t stressed about taking the couple photos on the wedding day. A couple can choose a place where they love to be – not necessarily the same place as the wedding reception.”

The day itself has its own stresses and pressures and David says that an After Session can be very laid back and relaxed: “The idea is to have fun again, and we can take all the time we want to think about and plan the session.”
Wedding After Session
This is a particularly good idea for couples planning a larger wedding, or one with a big distance between the ceremony and reception venues. If the weather is not what you expected for your summer wedding, or if you don’t want to be a slave to the light for your winter wedding, this is a good solution.
Wedding After Session
It also means you can have photos somewhere that would have been too far away to travel to on your wedding day.
After Sessions are not to be confused with Trash the Dress sessions – where the bride and groom ceremonially ruin the dress by wearing it whilst horse riding or jumping in a lake – or Cherish the Dress sessions where the focus is on the bride. David is keen to stress: “This is not a TTD ’cause we don’t “trash” anything.”
Wedding After Session
Tips for an Awesome After Session:
  • Plan it as part of your photography package. If you would prefer to spend your time with your guests on the day, make sure your photographer knows about this. I’m sure they’ll be enthusiastic about photographing you without the time pressure they’re normally under. Booking early will also ensure their availability, and you’ll probably get a package discount.
  • Once your photographer is on board, tell your make up artist and hairdresser too. Well you will want to be restored to your finery, won’t you?
  • Like and Engagement Session, try to choose a venue that’s special to you as a couple.
  • Have fun! Take a leaf out of Sandra and Maxime’s book – balloons? Sure! Shades? Why ever not! These are your photos after all.

Wedding After Session

Photographer: Davidone via Two Bright Lights


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  1. Great Idea. David’s photos show what great images can be produced when the wedding day pressure is done away with and the bride and groom are more relaxed…….if a little hungover ;)

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