Bridal Portrait Session

New Trend: Bridal Photography Sessions

We’ve all heard of engagement sessions – but have you come across this lovely little trend? Bridal Photography Sessions are a new trend coming over from (where else?) the States. But are they an alternative to engagement sessions, and does the groom get to see the pics before the wedding? Bride and Joy is joined today by Chi Prichard of Chi Photography with the low-down…

Bridal Portrait Session

Jennifer’s beautiful bridal portrait shoot took place at the waterfront in Beaufort, South Carolina. The couple chose not to have an engagement shoot but Jennifer decided to have these bridal portraits taken four months before the wedding. “The bridal session is a great way to decide what hair and makeup style you want to go with.” Chi explains. Jennifer’s style was simple and chic.

That is not the only benefit of donning your dress in advance – and let’s face it – with four months to go, who isn’t itching to play dress up! “Bridal sessions don’t have all the emotions of the day. As a result, they usually look their absolute best.” Like engagement sessions, they offer the opportunity for the bride to get used to being in front of the camera.

Bridal Portrait Session

These shoots always take place at least 6 weeks before their wedding. That way it gives time for ordering of the prints for display at the reception. “I haven’t had any brides use them on stationery, but on their personal facebook pages and wedding websites – after the wedding of course.”

Bridal Portrait Session

So not only is it a pretty trend, it’s a practical one. Chi is seeing more and more brides opt for these sessions over engagement sessions. “I love documenting these moments. I feel so privileged that I’m the one that gets to see these beautiful reactions before the groom.”

Finally, the first question that crossed my mind when I saw this beautiful shoot – does the groom get to see the photos before the big day?
“The groom doesn’t see these ahead of time. The first time usually comes at the reception.”


Photographer: Chi Photography via Two Bright Lights

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  1. Lou

    Sounds like a great idea! Get your hair and make up trial and then dress up….you could even include your bridesmaids as well :) Gives a good idea about how the look will work and also how the dress will feel moving around and wearing it for more than a few mins at a time :)

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