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New Obsession: Pinterest

It was a blog post over at Apartment Therapy that first alerted me to the joy that is Pinterest.

The site describes itself as “a virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and ‘follow’ collections created by people with great taste.” But as it’s still in its infancy, you have to ask for an invite (and wait a while) in order to join.

I was waiting about a week before I got the email but I have been addicted ever since. I’ve been pinning, repinning other peoples’ pins, and building up catalogues such as ‘Wedding Pic Envy‘, ‘Fab Engagement Sessions‘ and ‘Vintage Wedding‘. Check them out, would love to know what you think of them!

P.s. If you would like to catalogue your favourite things on the way down the aisle, leave a comment and I’ll send you a sneaky invite to Pinterest…

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  1. Hi Lisa – I love Pinterest too and have an account for a while – totally addictive…”I’ll just look at one more page…”

  2. tinydancer

    I’ve been lurking for a while, but I though I should finally comment and say that I love your blog!

    I’m not getting married (and my boyfriend might be freaked out if he catches me on wedding blogs!), but my cousin has asked me to take the photos at her wedding so I have been looking at wedding blogs for inspiration and just loved your blog!
    We seem to have similar taste in wedding photography styles, so I am finding the links you post really useful – so thank you :)

    LOVE the look of the website above! If you wouldn’t mind sending me an invite I would really appreciate it, I’d love to have something like this to show my cousin all my ideas for her wedding pictures.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Ah thanks for your lovely comment Tinydancer! Glad to hear from kindred spirits out there. I’m sure you’ll have the whole wedding photography thang sussed when your time comes.
    Fair play to you doing the pics at your cousin’s wedding – I presume you may have seen our list of shots in the DIY and Downloadables section?
    Of course I’ll send you an invite, but be careful, it’s rather addictive!

    • tinydancer

      Just got the invite – thanks a million! Looking forward to checking that out properly later, and most likely losing my whole evening to it, I know how addictive these sites can be!

      Ooh no, I haven’t seen that, will check it now, sounds very useful! I’m slightly terrified as I’m nowhere near a professional photographer, just an enthusiastic amateur, but it’s not until August 2012 so I’m hoping to get a lot of practice in before then, and keep building up ideas!

      Thanks again for the invite! Best of luck with the blog and wedding prep! :)

  4. I just started Pinterest too! Thinking of using it for inspiration for each bride but think I may have too many boards for them and not enough for me!
    Definately great for brides though and decorating new homes!

  5. Hiya,
    I love to try it. Can you send me an invite please!!

  6. A friend of mine is getting married in June and we have been stopping by here for a while, I just love your blog! It’s so full of great informarion and gorgeous photography!!! I would love to get an invite to Pinterest so I can follow your collection there as well!

  7. Suzanne

    oooo could I get an invite please??? :D

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