My New Favourite Thing

I picked up this little beauty in the Art and Hobby Store in Jervis during the week and I am raving about it! It’s a round corner punch by X-Cut. I had seen them online before and had been to various crafty stores around town hoping to find one. It makes every edge so much prettier! I’ve taken to clipping the corners off my to-do lists simply to make them look nicer (in the vain hope that I would then do the things on the list – updates on progress to follow).

I’m facing into months of church booklets, place cards, invitations, RSVPs and Thank-You cards and, now that I am armed with this little beauty to girlify everything, I say: Bring it on!

  • P.s. This is not a sponsored post. I just like this product. And the guy in the Art and Hobby Store was very helpful so credit where it’s due!

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