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I haven’t done an ‘Our Story’ post in a little while and that’s because we’re busy saving!


Careful with that hammer now!


Planning a wedding isn’t cheap. We all know that. There are some great blogs specifically about planning a wedding on a certain amount of money, like Big Day for 10K - and yes that amount is in US dollars. And this post is all about the spondoolicks and the plan for having them in time for the big day.

We have a good lead-in time for the wedding, 22 months to be exact, so we took our budget (which is, I believe, an average amount for an Irish wedding), divided it by 22 and decided to save that amount per month. We went to the bank and set up a joint account, and a savings account which took the decided amount on direct debit every month. Now we don’t have to think about it, it looks after itself from now until the wedding (so long as the money is there and please god it will be). They say the time flies in but it feels like a waiting game to me at the moment…

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  1. We’ve done exactly the same as you for the saving – opened an account and made a promise to save a specific amount each month, then put anything we have left in our current accounts each month into there too. We’re going to review it after 12 months to make sure it’s on track!

    The sad thing is, three months in we’ve just had a bit of an disaster at the house which involved a call to the emergency plumber, which on a Sunday, wasn’t cheap! We had to take some money out of the fund to pay for it which has set us back a bit… Not happy!

    Now I just need to work on a budget!

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