Love is in the Details

Look at this wonderful picture. I love how it’s put together, I love the old worldliness of the church, and I love the shapes and the designs of the knocker, the entrance and the window. I think this is what Failte Ireland should be using to promote Ireland as a wedding destination; the little details, so full of charm and history.

This collection of photographs shows the beauty in a real Irish church-to-hotel wedding. There are no marquees, the bride is not barefoot on a beach; it’s the little details that make it stand out. Keep scrolling because the last picture is a real gem…

The dress! The umbrella! the strolling in the gardens! Such romantic pictures.

This one is going into my folder of ‘Pics to show our photographer to give him an idea of what we want’. Well it’s not really called that, no one makes folder names that long, do they.

Mike Patterson Photography reminds us why there’s no place like home.

Church: St Michael’s Catholic Church, Castletown Geoghegan
Reception: Middleton Park House, Castletown Geoghegan

Photographs used with permission.

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  1. Beautiful shots by Mike. Great photographer & a super guy to boot.

  2. Thanks for posting these images Lisa, very good of you to do it.

    @ Shane – cheques in the post :-)

  3. Dee

    Fantastic Photography by Mike as always! Love these! Nice post Lisa. :)

  4. Adorable aren’t they!!??
    And I just have to add that I wish Failte Ireland would promote Ireland as a destination wedding location full stop. {Mike, we will still use your photos}.
    Golf is over since Tiger went down. Bring on the weddings! ;-)

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