Offbeat Outdoors Wedding-05

Lindsey and Shaun’s Offbeat Outdoors Wedding by John DeFiora

Today’s beautiful real wedding photos are a group effort, led by the wonderful photographer John Defiora with help from Nino Gallego and Liz Cassano. John told me that when he  heard that Lindsey and Shaun’s wedding would be featured here he did a little happy dance. And I certainly share his enthusiasm!

The groom Shaun is John’s best friend’s little brother. Shaun says,

“When he asked if I would shoot his wedding to Lindsey, of course I said yes. This wedding was particularly special to me, as it was everyone I grew up with. New friends became old friends and vice versa. It was an amazing day, with amazing light and amazing people. I had the amazing Liz and Nino with me this day that got some amazing images, which are sprinkled in with mine”

The wedding is such a charmingly relaxed event. The bridesmaids wore mismatched pale neutral dresses in a borage of styles and carried the same bouquets as Lindsey.  The reception was at The Breakers and Elite Entertainment provided the music which everyone jammed out to.

Captured by John DeFiora and submitted with thanks to Two Bright Lights.

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  1. OMG ! Thank you so much! Happy dance #2 commencing in 3…2…1…

  2. Christina

    Can you tell me where that necklace is from? It’s gorgeous and so simple!

  3. Nice work John! Simple and elegant :)

  4. The necklace was from Exquisite bridal in Princeton, NJ

  5. What a lovely wedding! Love neutrals!

  6. Todd

    Excellent work as always John!

  7. These images are fantastic. The groomsmen are brave with the dockers ensemble. I know my missus would NOT be allowing me to do that! Great work

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