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Like a Kid in a Candy Store

Last Saturday, I rounded up two of my lovely bridesmaids and my mam and headed off in search of a dress, and ultimately, a colour theme for the wedding.

Well, we didn’t find one, let’s get that out in the open off the bat. The girls tried on everything we passed to them and in a giant process of elimination we elimated most things in the shop.

Let me tell you about the shop! Being a fan of Dessy almost since we got engaged, I was enthralled by the Dessy dresses – especially their Alfred Sung range – and the fact that their approach was two-step: 1) Choose a style, 2) Choose a colour. Simples!

Abellé Bridal Boutique in Trim is our local Dessy stockist and the lovely Kathy looked after us. Personality really does count in this game and Kathy is very encouraging, chatty and friendly and most of all she made us feel relaxed (tea and chocolates her weapon of choice).

It’s true what they say about too much choice sometimes being a bad thing. It was clear on the day I had a lot more moodboarding to do it’s was back to the drawing (mood)board for now…

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  1. Siobhan

    awwwww bridesmaid dress time!! :) its theme time! :)

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