Paris is the most romantic city on earth. Long, wide boulevards flanked by beautiful regal buildings, little coffee shops, the Eiffel Tower… what girl wouldn’t love to be whisked away to Paris for a romantic weekend and a proposal.

Well, I’m a little different from most girls. Granted, I love spending time in Paris and as it’s only over an hour on a plane from Dublin I have had the pleasure of going there a few times, in fact it was where my fiance Rohan and myself went for our first weekend away together ever five years ago. But a big a pull factor for me is the Disney Park just outside the city. And knowing me, Rohan also knew the perfect spot to pop the question.

The proposal wasn’t a surprise (we’d bought the ring before we left Dublin), and the location wasn’t really a surprise either (Disneyland was the only place we had a definite plan to go to), but it was perfect. And it was the first time marriage was mentioned (we’d only talked about getting engaged, not married – palpitation city!).

The pair of us in front of the Castle in Disneyland

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  1. But the most important question still remains… Où est la piscine???

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