I’ve Chosen my Dream Team

I’ve done it.

After months of deliberations, pulling names from a hat, and waiting to see my friends of whom I had a big favour to ask, I’ve got a full complement of bridesmaids.

And they are… Drumroll please…


Karen – cousin extraordinaire with whom I have a bet on about who’d get married first. There’s still plenty of time for it to change, but it looks like I’m gonna win this one. I can’t remember what the stakes were though.

Katie – the only other person I know who has the same enthusiasm for the colour purple as I do. Even though she lives in Denmark she jumped at the chance for an excuse to come home for bridesmaidly duties.

Bróna - my sister-in-law and the most experienced of all my bridesmaids. Not only has she been her sister’s chief bridesmaid but she is obviously married herself (to my brother) so she’s a touchstone of weddingly knowledge.

Siobhán – or Soybawn as I like to call her. She spent a J1 summer in LA with Karen and myself where we became lifelong friends, and now she lives down the road from me so we have chats, sushi, and cups of tea on a regular basis.


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  1. Karen

    Great choice Lisa if I must say so myself.
    Your defo going to win this one outright.
    Your prize can be that I’ll be your slave for the day of the wedding :-)
    Looking f0rward to the run up to the weddin & of course the Hen Party !!!

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