Loving this: IKEA therefore I Do

I mentioned the other day that if I was forced into having a retail wedding I’d have it in IKEA, well guess what I’ve stumbled across today!


Styling by Agent Bauer/ Lo Bjurulf

Thanks to Agent Bauer’s Lo Bjurulf, this dream can become a reality. On first glance these photos look like something from Anthropologie, but no. Everyone’s favourite Flatpack Superstore, IKEA. Excluding the food, of course (chowing down on Swedish Meatballs in such beautiful surroundings? Didn’t think so…)

I knew it could be done!




IKEA, I had faith in you… Here are some of the bits you need to recreate the look. I already have the SOCKERÄRT Jug so head start for me :)

SMYCKA Artificial flower €2.99

IKEA 365+ Bowl €2.39

SKIR Cocktail glass € 9.29 / 2 pack

DINERA Side plate €1.59

INGOLF Chair €49.00

SOCKERÄRT Vase €13.99

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  1. Very impressive! I love IKEA. :)

  2. modder

    if it was to be found knew you would find it Lisa. x

  3. I love it! Absolutely adore Ikea. :)

  4. muckypup

    fab fab fab! always rely on you for creativity x

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