Horetown House: Guest Post

Today I am happy to welcome a guest post from my friend and fellow bride-to-be Siobhan who has uncovered a gem of a wedding venue nestled in scenic County Wexford; Horetown House.


When we first arrived to Horetown House (in Fouksmills, Co. Wexford) it was a dark miserable January night. I very nearly had a Mary Mitchell O Connor moment taking a wrong turn on the grounds but luckily any plinth-style disaster was avoided and we made it. I was instantly taken in by its homely grandeur and by the time we were admiring the four-poster bed in the bridal suite and black and white chequered tiles of the bathroom I was pretty much sold.

But a beautiful country house is all very well – what do you do when you have big families on both sides? A common Irish conundrum I would have thought. Well Horetown have cleverly, and perhaps bravely, invested in their very own marquee which they don’t charge any extra for using. With a covered walkway leading to it from one of the many drawing rooms of the house and permanent doors and windows, the marquee feels like an extension of the main building.

For their launch last weekend, Kate White and the team at Horetown had set up two different types of wedding. And while the formal chair covers with dark purple sashes might be beautiful for a winter wedding, in the Spring evening sunshine everyone seemed to be gravitating towards the more mix and match festival feel set up – garden planters painted white as centre pieces , granny tea cups with flower heads inside, bunting. I was very excited!

On their website Horetown say if you want the standard hotel style wedding then they are not for you. They are clearly embracing the vintage DIY spirit and working with couples to make their visions, however kooky, kitsch or retro they might be, come to life. When you’ve decided on your venue you want your subsequent visits to reassure your choice.

I definitely came away feeling the joy – happy and inspired thinking of planting hyacinth bulbs in jam jars, sourcing vintage scrap fabrics and finding old bird cages to paint. I never thought getting married would turn into a giant crafts project but now I can’t wait to get stuck in.

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