Here Comes The Brrride

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If the weather conditions of the past few weeks are anything to go by, Lisa and I could be having a white wedding in more ways than one next year. I suppose that’s part of the risk we took when we decided to have a winter ceremony – but then again, we thought November would be a pretty safe choice and the worst we could get was a bit of rain (OK, a lot of rain). I mean, it never starts snowing until after Christmas, right?

Who knows, maybe since we had three big freezes last year, we’ll be spared one for 2011. Weather can be a notoriously fickle mistress though, literally blowing hot or cold, so I guess we’ll need to prepare ourselves for the worst. Might see if Aldi have any ski gear coming in.

I guess the biggest thing snow at a wedding impacts upon is transport, and in our case we will have a lot of people travelling from up north and from England. I suppose there’s not much we can do in the event of the airports shutting down, but if the lessons learned by air passengers this Christmas aren’t forgotten too soon, hopefully people will a bit earlier to give themselves plenty of time.

I’m not too worried about the main roads going to our venues, but the smaller back roads that the ceremony and reception could be more tricky. But if we know beforehand that there will be snow and ice on those roads, we can organise a mini task force on the Big Morning to try and shovel clear the worst of it. Or else write a few begging emails to the County Council! I’m sure Darver has dealt with snowy weddings before so hopefully there wouldn’t be too much trouble getting there.


Although wouldn’t it be cool if there was snow on the Big Day if my groomsmen and I were to arrive at the church on skis… Even if we parked a little way down from the church and only came a short distance on them it would be one way to make an entrance! We could also maybe work the skis into the wedding photographs. Or maybe a sleigh… I’m also trying to think how to somehow work zorbing into it as well but I’m not sure they run on snow…

Lisa did a post a while back that featured a lot of handy tips on how to deal with a snow-struck wedding so I don’t want to start repeating them… My specialty anyway is more the not-so-handy tips such as organising a mass snowball fight between both sets of relatives (Lisa’s would easily win) and trying to convince the priest to use holy whiskey instead of wine to really warm people up… That’s probably being sacrilicious though!

You might recognise this gorgeous winter scene from last month’s post.

The full wedding is over at Dave McClelland Photography’s website.

Photograph used with permission.

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  1. Darver – wow love that venue. I was at a wedding their last summer and it was amazing. I’m sure you guys will have an amazing day whatever the weather.

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