Hen Party Ideas: Grease is the word

Teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber has reportedly told The Sun last week that he’d love to star in a remake of Grease with Miley Cyrus. Bieber to take on the quintessential 1950s American teenage role of Danny? Sounds kind of sacrilegious, doesn’t it?

We all know however that with girls it’s different and truth be told we’re all a bit Grease-streaked (personally I’m a Sandy but envy those of the Rizzo persuasion). Which is why I got kind of excited when I learned that there is now a Grease video game for the Wii.

Grease the Game

Tell Me About It StudPink Ladies Badge

Since the arrival of Wii fit it’s been the console of choice for ladies up and down the country and I think with a few pink lady jackets, a few bottle of pink champagne and a copy of the game you have an instant hen night on a budget. And don’t forget to invite all your pink ladies! Check out this great blog post on how to get the 50s look. Plus the advantage over a karaoke bar is your crooning won’t be happening in public (I’d advise an airport-security style arrangement at the door to ensure no cameras slip through to the party).

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