Help! I need somebody…

Organising a wedding involves a lot of work, right? And people often say to me ‘just let me know if there’s anything I can do?’

Hehe, well actually, now that you say it…

Here is the run-down of the jobs that will be going at our wedding. Like the workhouses in famine times, participants will be paid with food. Joking aside, we really want to include our nearest and dearest in our big day as much as we can.

Ceremony Music -

Since about the age of seven I have dabbled in all sorts of music from keyboards, drums, saxophone, guitar to bodhran. And luckily for me I have met and befriended some great musicians along the way. I’m delighted some of them will be part of our ceremony.


Car Park watcher –

I kid you not. If you want to know why I’m asking someone to be present in the carpark, read my post on Wedding Security. The suitable candidate for this role will have little interest in the marriage ceremony.

Chauffeur -

We haven’t fully decided on le mode (of transport) juste for the wedding, but haven’t ruled out calling in a favour in this department.


Readers -

This is a nice tradition, asking friends or relations to read a prayer or a reading during the ceremony. It’s great to have your nearest and dearest involved.


Eucharistic Ministers -

As we are having a Catholic ceremony, the eucharist will be celebrated. I’ve a few aunties who are eucharistic ministers in their home parishes. I just hope they don’t get mixed up between ‘Body of Christ’ and ‘Christ, what a body’… Sorry, old joke of my Dad’s!


Celebrant -

We’re keeping it in the family when it comes to priests too! Our wedding will be celebrated by my great-uncle, Fr. Macartan, the same man who married my own parents and my only brother. This is as strong a Treanor family tradition as passing the driving test first time.


Blue de Toi Guest Book

Guest Book attendant -

If we do decide to have the Blue de Toi’s fingerprint guestbook, we’ll need someone on hand to dispense the ink and the baby wipes


Photo Booth Operator -

I’m all about the DIY Photo booths and I am going to ask a friend to keep an eye on it, and make sure people know how to use it. The friend I have in mind for this one is a sweet, outgoing girl I’ve known for years.

IT Coordinator -

The day after the wedding I am going to ask someone to sit in the reception area of the hotel with a laptop and card-reader to collect wedding photos from guests with digital cameras.


Guest Interviewers -

Part of our video package is a series of guest interviews. We will ask one person from each side of the wedding party tohelp the videographer round-up volunteers to go on camera and record a message.


So that’s it folks, applications are now open – the deadline is next November! :)

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  1. We too are going to involve family and friends in our day, for example so far my aunt is doing the flowers, two uncles are involved in transport and H2b’s sister and my best friend will do the readings.

  2. kat

    Another possible duty (maybe to be foisted on a bridesmaid and depending on venue) is the emergency survival kit. I’ve been to a few weddings in semiprivate venues where basically the wedding party were the only ones using the nearest bathrooms.

    A kind helper put together a lovely small wicker basket full of goodies for the ladies room for the inevitable wedding emergencies. Typical items included: scissors, needle and thread (for when the strap snaps on a dress), plasters (cause some of those killer heels really are killers on the feet), chewing gum/mints, and some deodrants/bodysprays (I hadn’t seen an Impulse bodyspray in years til it popped up at one wedding!)

  3. Sounds like you could also be the perfect client for a Day of Coordinator! :-)

  4. My wedding is 6 months away and I’m still having trouble finding people to help out. Hopefully more will mean it when they say the “Let me know if there is anything I can do…” line when it’s gets closer to the day!!

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