Hella ‘Brella

UPDATE! Check out #5, below for an Irish brolly find….

Pretty parasols can add an extra dimension to a wedding party, as well as being functional (protection from sun in summer and rain in every season). So make like Mary Poppins and who knows where your parasol will take you…

Mary Poppins

Don't try this at home!

Being Irish, I never leave the house without an umbrella. I have one in every handbag. I don’t leave it at home during the summer, instead I cram in a bottle of sun cream too.

So that may explain my recent fascination with parasols for weddings.

Here are my top finds:

1. Fifi – Beige Parasol with Fluffy Frill Edging by Pierre Vaux

Fifi Pink and Cream by Pierre Vaux


This parasol is a show-stopper. Cream linen fabric edged with a thick fluffy pink and cream fine net frill. It’s also effective in protecting skin from harmful UV rays and waterproof to boot (well it is a brolly after all). It’s also kind of expensive!

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