Christmas Wishes

Happy Christmas from Bride and Joy!

Christmas Wishes

Well the season is nearly upon us and I am one happy winter bride. The wedding and honeymoon were so brilliant, we could not have asked for better and thanks so much to everyone out there who got on the twitter, facebook or left us a comment wishing us well. An especially big thank you goes out to all the loyal readers of this blog who visit year-round. It’s funny, lots of people have asked me since our wedding, what will happen to the website now – well there is the small matter of all our wedding DIY projects – which could not be revealed before the big day, and lots of other quirky weddings that the talented wedding photographers of the world send in to inspire us all. Oh and of course our own wedding photos! There is LOTS more to come from Bride and Joy, but in the meantime this mountain of honeymoon laundry ain’t gonna wash itself… meet me back here on January 3rd for a new year of Quirky Wedding Inspiration!


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  1. Siobhán

    Great to hear you still have a lot more to give Lisa! :) Can’t wait to see pics etc!

  2. merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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