Guest Post: Glowing Bride’s Top 5 Ways to Look After Yourself Pre-Wedding

Today, we’re delighted to share a guest post from Laura Pepper, author of Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days. It can be hard to find time to look after yourself in a haze of champagne, taffeta and hairspray that the run-up to a wedding brings, but Laura’s tips will ensure you are in tip top condition for the big day. We’ve got a copy of the book to give away to one lucky reader – head on over to our Facebook Page to enter.

There is loads of advice out there about looking after yourself prior to the wedding. Truth is, it’s not rocket science, and the basics are really just that: basic. I’ve re-iterated them here – read this, print it out and remind yourself of it once a week leading up to the wedding day. Do the following things right and your body will work to it’s optimal potential, your mind will be sane, and you, my dear, will be glowing!

Eating: Fruit & Veggies Galore
Let’s go back to nature: wholegrains, nuts, fruit, veggies, seeds. A diet rich in these elements – especially a wide variety of fruit & veg – offers an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants that do wonders for all of the processes that make your body tick along. These nutrients improve the body’s use of oxygen so that both the muscles and the brain are energized. You’ll be Glowing!

Move Your Booty Any Which Way
We all know about the endorphins from exercise, the weight loss benefits, the toning up, the healthy heart improvements. But did you know that your lymph system needs you to move too? Moving will pump up your lymph system, carrying away waste and toxins and helping you to look and feel great!
Don’t be a gym rat if you don’t want to be. I used to be that girl, beating myself up about getting my backside there 3 or 4 times a week and dreading it. Since then I came to my senses and realised that I need to enjoy it to sustain it. It’s the moving around that’s important not how you do it, so I tried alternatives and it’s so much more pleasant. Taking my dog out twice a day works better for me. Yoga videos work on a rainy morning. Dancing with friends and hiking on the weekend don’t even seem like a chore.

Snooze Away
Unfortunately easier said than done as our environment, lifestyle and stress levels can all throw a spanner in the works bed sometimes. Try to actively control these things as much as is possible -switch off at least 2 hours before bed time (both digital devices AND your brain), pro-actively wind down (take a bath, do some stretches, chill out).
Don’t talk to your chatty friend before lights out and deal with your wedding worries or concerns by writing them down and brainstorming an action plan.
And stop eating late (after 7pm) so that when you snooze your body focuses on restoration and repair instead of digestion. Remember that the optimal hours for sleeping are between 11-7am, and you’ll wake up full of zest for the day ahead (maybe..).

Even if you are eating right, multi-vitamins are a great “safety blanket” to a balanced and healthy diet. Did you know that adequate Magnesium and Calcium can severely reduce PMS? That Iron will reduce fatigue and improve your concentration? That Zinc is good for acne and controlling the skin’s sebum levels? Who doesn’t want these things. Include these vitamins and minerals in your diet and you’ll be better equipped to handle anything that life throws at you. I prefer the chewy kind since they’re easy to consume. (Call me childish..)

Socialize to Re-Energize
With all the life changes going on for you right now, and the potential identity crisis that marriage proposes, more than ever before, you need to rely on your ladies. Us gals all need emotional support to make us feel fulfilled, happy & contented, it’s human nature.
Don’t skimp on it because you’re busy.
No doubt you are in regular contact with your bridesmaids, and female relatives, but is this quality time? Do you ever talk about anything outside of the wedding? Have you been shopping, for a coffee, to the park, for an exercise class without the purpose of the rendez-vous being bridal?
Spend quality time bonding with your nearest and dearest, really bonding with them, and you’ll remember that you have a life outside of this one event. It will calm you down, raise your endorphins, and leave you feeling more balanced, more centred, more “you”.

No matter how jam-packed your schedule looks, make time for fun, love and laughter!
That, sweeties, is the biggest secret to glowing.

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  1. Good advice! All very sensible. Take heed people :)

    Oh another one worth mentioning is to drink plenty of water. If you want to have clear, radiant skin in your wedding photographs then it’s definitely the way to go! … And it’s free! (Well, for the time being at least!:)

  2. Great tips! It’s important for brides to start thinking about this stuff months in advance, too, since it doesn’t happen overnight! I remember I did a ton of research on what I could do in the months leading up to my wedding to improve my skin, hair, nails…everything! By the time my wedding day did come around, I felt great, and knew I had done everything I could to feel and look my best!

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