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Today I present to you a special guest blogger: Aoife from Babaduck Babbles. She is far better qualified than me to speak about wedding food (she’s a food blogger & bride and I’m a vegetarian). So I’ll hand you over to the lady herself:

Food glorious food – it can either make or break a wedding. I know brides and grooms to be think that it’s all about the perfect dress, venue or cake. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a wedding with bad food is a disaster. As an old married woman of almost 6 years and a veteran of more weddings that I can recall, I know for a fact that not feeding your guests will leave more than a bad taste – it’s the first thing they remember.

Aoife's Wedding Cake

Our own wedding cake

Having really nice food was one of the major parts of our own wedding and both myself and The Hubs were adamant that we wanted to steer clear of the “traditional” menu. Some hotels are just hilarious when it comes to telling you about their banqueting offerings and these are some of the descriptions which make me want to scream…

“Collage of Melon and Fresh Fruit”
“Eggs napped in creamy Mayonnaise and dusted with Paprika”
“Golden Baked Choux Swans served atop a lake of Chocolate Sauce”

We both love really good food simply prepared and wanted a menu which was slightly different to the usual fare and this is where careful negotiations with our hotel’s banqueting manager & head chef worked in our favour. We sat down with them both and explained the ideas we had and they then told us what they could do… and we met in the middle.

Our menu was half crowd pleaser, half “us” pleaser – you always have to think about what other people like to eat – especially the in-laws!

Starters : Melon or Antipasti

Soup : Cauliflower & Walnut Soup

Mains: Shrimp stuffed Salmon or Rib of Beef
Veggies: Champ, Garlic Potatoes, Green Beans & Courgettes
Dessert: Lemon Tart & Chocolate Sorbet

One thing which we insisted on was a menu tasting and I really believe that this is non-negotiable. The hotel team were rather taken aback as it wasn’t the “done” thing, but when you’re spending an enormous sum of money, I think it’s only fair that you should get to try it in advance.

Other things to consider are the booze & the cake. My best friend had the most amazing chocolate biscuit cake at her wedding, or so we believe. The staff didn’t bother serving it to the guests and it vanished overnight, never to be seen again. At another wedding, the wine was strictly rationed to one bottle of red and white per table. We were all drinking white wine and when we asked the Wine Dragon if it was possible to swap our unopened bottle of red for white, she actually hissed at us…

We wanted to make sure that we had more of a feast than a famine where the wine was concerned, so after yet more negotiation with the hotel, this time about their corkage fee, we went to France to buy our supplies which saved us a fortune. We had budgeted for 100 guests & brought 60 bottles of wine & 48 bottles of fizz which we thought would be more than enough. Our guests were all very thirsty & there wasn’t a single bottle left after the meal – the winos! We also saved a few more euro by having a (pink) champagne toast rather than a drink of choice.

Our cake came from a local lady and she did a fabulous job. We ordered a three-tier ivory iced cake : traditional fruit for the oldies as the top tier, Belgian Chocolate and Lemon Sponge for the other two tiers. We decorated it with gold ribbons & feathers to match my dress and a pair of wedding teddy bears – all very simple but as you can see, it was actually very pretty.

So, what are my top tips for wedding food?

  • Consider your guests – find out in advance if anybody has dietary restrictions & tell the hoteltop tips icon
  • Have a really good veggie option – it’s lazy to give them pasta or a stir fry
  • Make sure it provides plenty of soakage – it’s a long day
  • Try before you buy – have a menu tasting, but keep it to just the two of you. Don’t bring an entourage as they’ll all have an opinion.

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  1. Great tips and fab post Babaduck! There are some things you can’t scrimp on and I would rather wear a cheap (but nice) dress than serve bad food to guests – it is the thing they will remember.

  2. Great post! I would never have thought of a taster session, though it makes perfect sense!

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