Guest Post: ‘Day-of Wedding’ Planning

Today we’re joined by the lovely Annie Byrne of Aislinn Events who do wedding co-ordination for local and destination weddings in Ireland. I’m a gal who likes to be in control of whatever I’m organising, but on the day of the wedding itself, I want to be able to relax and enjoy it. So I gave Annie the opportunity to convince me that ‘Day-of Wedding’ Co-ordination is for me. Will she convince you too…?

You didn’t need a wedding planner. You are creative and have gotten good advice, read all of the planning books and blogs, kept a full folder. You know what you want and how your wedding should look and have planned it to perfection.

When are you going to enjoy it? In the days before your wedding you should be pampering yourself and enjoying your friends and family. On the day of your wedding you will be carrying your bouquet, not your mobile phone and clipboard.

The week of your wedding is the time a planner can really help. It is a stressful time with lots to do. Most Wedding Planners offer a “Day of’ wedding coordination package that can take over that full file of yours, coordinate the last details and run the day so you don’t have to worry. You can just be the bride.

She will meet you 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding day where you will tell her your vision, go through all of your plans, vendors and contracts, set up requirements, locations and familiarize herself with your wedding. You can relax knowing that a professional has it taken care of.

Then she will reconfirm all of your vendors. Their arrival times and set up requirements and do a wedding timeline for you and all involved for the wedding day or weekend. She will compile a contacts list, do a floor plan of your venue for you, review your table plan, do last minute pickups and take care of all those little details. You will be having pre wedding pampering and enjoying time with your fiancée, friends and family.

Your Day of Coordinator will be there at your rehearsal to direct and oversee it from beginning to end. Who will walk in when, how fast and to what music also providing cues for the bridal party, readings and musicians. You will know everything will run smoothly.

On the wedding day, she will look after you and your bridal party, help you dress, check on the groom and groomsmen, distribute flowers and pin on buttonholes, make sure all deliveries are on time, coordinate the transportation and get you to the church on time. You will be having hair and makeup done with your girls and putting on your beautiful gown.

At the reception, she will have transported items from the ceremony to the reception, be welcoming and direct guests, inspect reception and dinner area that all is tidy, straight and in place. Help with seating and bridal party entrance and announcements, give final payments to vendors and make sure all gifts envelopes and personal items are secure. You will be smiling for photos, sipping champagne, laughing with friends and dancing the night away.

A Day of wedding coordinator will look after you and make sure your day runs smoothly, that any snags are taken care of immediately and unnoticed.

Do you still not need a wedding planner?

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  1. Any prices? I’m all about the money baby!

    I do like the idea of someone doing a timeline for me and making sure it’s stuck to and that people know what they’re doing, so that it all doesn’t fall on my shoulders.

    I’m enjoying the planning SO much so far, really loving it. But I will admit to a quickened heartbeat when I think of the day of the wedding and the 24 hours before it, I just….there’s so much to DO! So a service like this could certainly come in hand there!

  2. Hi!
    In general, prices will be from E500 to E1200.
    The cost will vary for each planner as will what is included in your ‘Day Of’ package.
    For example, my last ‘Day Of’ wedding I was physically working with my bride for almost 3 days.
    Thursday- run through and handover of all items {including decor, props & gown to cleaners}
    Friday- set up dining room, venue, church and run rehearsal
    Saturday- wedding day and set up evening sweets display for afters {including mini milkshakes} at 12 am
    Sunday – Take down and collection/return of all decor items.
    So definitely contact one or two of your local planners for a chat.
    Most of them do complimentary consultations so you and she can discuss what will help you most, you can get to know each other and get down to the basics – what she charges!
    Good luck and honestly, the value of a wedding coordinator goes far beyond the price!
    Live, Love, Laugh and Dream!

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