The Groom’s Perspective: Groom for Improvement

It’s the man who needs no introduction...

Groom Speaks IconLisa’s poll last week was about the groom’s involvement in the wedding. At time of writing, the majority of people who responded are going with ‘His heart is in the right place but his brain just isn’t on Planet Wedding’, closely followed by ‘He is loving the planning and gets involved with everything’.

I had to think for a minute before I chose the latter option, although truthfully I think on the groom-o-meter I lie somewhere in the middle. Lisa has done pretty much all of the organising so far, but I try to get involved with as much as I can.

And I think for example that choosing Sax and the City as our wedding band last week was probably more of a joint decision than choosing our photographer Chris Nelson, who Lisa really wanted to have, and I was happy to go along with that as she’s much more of a photography expert than me (I just like to pose)… But SATC literally blew us both away (note: not literally literally) and it felt great going to see them together and making that decision, and I think we both knew it as soon as we walked into the place.

Anyway, I hope I’m doing OK so far, I know some people will say I only have to show up on the Big Day itself (and I think a couple said that in the poll), and I know I don’t really understand things like, say, colour schemes on the level that Lisa does – it took me years to break my habit of wearing black with navy – but I hope I can contribute a bit more to the preparations than just getting fitted for a suit or writing a criminally unfunny speech.

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  1. modder

    Rohan this is from modder in law 2 b. Keep up the good work and keep everyone happy.

  2. Siobhy209

    Aww good to hear!! :)

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