The Groom’s Perspective: Wedding Stuff I Just Don’t Get

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] could probably fill a whole other blog writing about stuff I don’t ‘get’… So it’s just as well that I can limit this post to the things that baffle me about weddings! Although, having been involved in our planning, I like to think I’m a lot more au fait with all the wedding goings-on than before. But there are still certain things that, try as I might to get my head around them, continue to elude my understanding…

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1. Colours/Mood Boards

This is what’s most likely to cause my brain to admit surrender. Any time I open a paint catalogue – something which admittedly doesn’t happen too often – I just can’t get over how many different shades of each colour there are, and to be honest I can’t really see any difference between a lot of them. To me, the colour red, for example, has two shades – light and dark. When I was younger, I frequently committed the apparently cardinal sin of wearing black with navy blue – and I probably still would do today given half a chance. So when it comes to weddings, I don’t really notice colours at all, except of course I know the bride will (generally) be in white and the groom will (generally) be in a dark suit. If there are really bright colours everywhere at the wedding I would notice them but apart from that, I wouldn’t see that the bridesmaids’ dresses match the flower in the groom’s boutonniere unless it was pointed out to me.

As for mood boards, the only moods they put me in are ‘confused’ and ‘angry’… Just kidding. They seem to be pretty important when planning weddings, but I can’t really see what all the fuss is about. Is it really necessary to get a collection of images with the same ‘look’? Would a single image or two at most not suffice for showing people the kind of look you’re going for?

2. Shoes

I have a confession to make, and it may not be to everybody’s liking… I just don’t get shoes. I never have. Obviously, I own a few pairs of shoes myself, but if I need new ones I’ll just go into a shop – and within about half an hour I’ll have picked and paid for a pair that will last me for a couple of years. I know it’s different for men, but I can’t quite grasp how it’s necessary to own over ten pairs. Grooms are lucky at weddings in this department (among many others) in that nobody will be paying any attention to their shoes unless they have been pimped up or something, whereas the bride’s footwear will be the subject of more intense scrutiny. I think it’s important to have a nice pair of shoes at the wedding, and I know they will be more likely to be worn again than the dress, but I just can’t see the sense in, say, paying a grand for a pair of Louboutins when – sacrilege to say this, I know – they don’t really look that different from other shoes. Overall the dress will stand out more on the Big Day and will be the main focus in any photographs or videos.

3. Wedding Favours

I agree that there are some really nice and quirky favours out there but if there’s something that can be cut from the list of wedding necessities, these would be right at the top. If money were no object then by all means, but they definitely don’t do the bride and groom on a budget any favours (lame pun 100% intended).


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