The Groom’s Perspective: Shooting my Mouth Off

In which our groom rolls down a hill in a giant inflatable ball… again.

Lisa has done a series of posts now on engagement shoots in Ireland and since we will have one as part of our photography package, I’ve decided to throw out a couple of suggestions for possible locations…

Dublin Zoo

For me, this is a very appealing place to have an engagement shoot as we live right next door to it… I’m a sucker for convenience! If you’re an animal-lover though, I think it has great photo opportunities… Though I know some animal-lovers object to the idea of zoos. The African Plains section would probably be the best bet for photos as the animals there are more out in the open. It’s probably not worth trying to get a shot with tigers or lions in the background though as all they seem to do is sleep…

The whole Phoenix Park in general would actually be a good place for an engagement shoot, because if you hadn’t noticed, it’s a pretty freakin’ big park… The Papal Cross and Wellington Monument are just two other landmarks I could mention.


Lisa and I went zorbing when we were in New Zealand – we saw it in an activities information booklet and thought what the hell is zorbing before thinking, actually it looks pretty cool – and it turned out to be a really fun experience. I think I mentioned zorbing before as a possible activity for the stag do, but it could work as a fun engagement shoot as well… Just look at how much fun Lisa and I are having in this photo!

Giant’s Causeway

This is a beautiful place with a lot of history (and even more tourists)… I don’t know if our photographer has done any engagement shoots there before but I think the photo opportunities are endless… For example, one of me playfully threatening to throw Lisa off a cliff! One drawback though is that it would involve quite a bit of travelling, at least on our part…

It would be impossible to list all of the places that would make for good engagement shoots and, in the end, the focus of the photographs will be on us and the joy we take in each other’s company rather than the beauty of our location… But I think a good background definitely helps to enhance the photos.

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