The Grooms Perspective: A Topic Deer to my Hart

In which our groom rolls down a hill in a giant inflatable ball on his way to a quidditch game and discusses stag dos and stag don’ts…

I was reading Harry Potter the other day – it makes a welcome change from being mistaken for him, believe me – and our bespectacled hero managed to scare off some nasty Dementors with his patronus spell, which happens to take the form of a stag. Now, what could a stag possibly have to do with a groom-related blog, you may ask… Unless it’s a meta-stag*. (see Lease, I did pay attention in those WordCamp lectures)

Rohan and Harry Potter

Spot the difference

I’ve only been to a couple of stag nights before and I enjoyed both immensely. The
The Groom Speaks Icon first involved us all taking shots at each other and then in the pub just taking shots, the second involved us all taking shots at each other and then… I would say you get the picture, except pictures of the stag were banned. Main difference was in the weaponry – laser combat in one, paintball (much sorer) in the other.

I intend to invite both these now-married stags (by the way, what do you call a stag after he gets married? Is there a higher place on the deer hierarchy?) to my own night of debauchery so I guess I would like to do something different… I know arranging the stag is part of the best man’s duties though so I’m not really sure how much say I get in the matter.

Anyway, I was looking at stag ideas online and the one that probably appealed to me most was zorbing, which seems to have recently become available in Longford… Lisa and I went zorbing in New Zealand a few years ago and it was awesome, and it’s certainly unusual…


We were inside the ball when this photo was being taken

But I don’t know if it’s available outside of summer hours given the Irish weather, and since my stag will probably be around October time it may be a non-starter. Still, a stag can dream…

  • *To clarify, he’s talking about meta-tags, which are keywords about a website that a search engine can view. He’s a real techie at hart.

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  1. Bambi

    Hey Rosie,
    Euge’s family did an adeventure weekend down at Blessington Lake – Avon Rí, they rent out luxury town houses on site too. They have zorbing but app the sites Ireland have quite short courses.

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