Green Weddings: eInvites?

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I’m reading quite an interesting e-book called ‘Oh My God What Happened And What Should I Do?’ at the moment (if a title like that doesn’t grab ya, what will). It’s about the recent and massive move from the old paper-based world order to a new electronic one. Everyone* these days has a mobile phone in their pocket and a laptop at home.

This digital onslaught has changed how we read, listen to music, shop, communicate and even meet our future spouses (one in 8 American couples that married in 2008 met online), and it has been a boon to the frugal amongst us, so is it time to harness the power of the Internet for wedding invitations?

First of all here are the arguments against:

1. Wedding invitations are pretty.

2. Replies by post are not only traditional, they are enjoyable and have sentimental value.

3. Not everyone has email.**

And the arguments for:

1. They are cheaper.

2. They are more environmentally friendly.

3. They are hassle-free.

Setting up an event on facebook and inviting all your pals takes just minutes. Replies are instant (with just a click). But you can’t touch an e-vite, you can’t put it up on your fridge (unless you print it out), and you can’t have that dilemma after the wedding of what do you do with the damn thing. Would it be rude to throw it out? What are you going to do with it if you keep it (you could do like my Mam and keep them as a 25th Wedding Anniversary gift – that is a creative, forward thinking approach now isn’t it).

Then there is the saving on postage, the paper (environment says yay!), air miles, the cost of the invitations themselves. The fight is being won it would seem?

Why is there still this reluctance? Is the traditionalist in me rearing its ugly head? Is it a less civilized approach? Am I not-so-formally inviting my guests? Does it demean the whole event?

Would love to hear your views on this doozy of a pickle!

*the exception to this (and many rules) is my lovely 89 year old granny. She has resisted the move to the digital era although she does have caller ID and a valid driving licence, which still makes her the hippest granny in the world in my opinion.

**I’m looking at you, Granny

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  1. I don’t know, personally I like the “old-fashioned” way, send invites snail mail. E-mails are just just not as personable, they don’t have that “theme” , “style” that you can surely get with paper invites. You want to help the environment, then why not eco-friendly invites… plantable paper?

  2. Georgina

    I love the idea of e-invites, there are so many templates out there now for a really jazzy e-card that it’ll really jump out & make the difference to a traditional postal invite.

    Nowhere near as much hassle, far cheaper & it can be as personal as you make it

    I’m all for e-invitations :)

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