Going to other weddings

When you decide to get married, the opportunity to go to another wedding takes on a whole new dimension. Even Rohan commented to me that he’d wondered if the seat covers came as an added extra. We attended the wedding of a friend from university about a month after we got engaged.

The theme was black and white – the same theme that my brother and sister-in-law had for their wedding last December – and one which I think looks remarkably well. But therein lies the problem, when it’s the theme of a friend or a close relative’s wedding, it would seem rude to pinch it.

It was the second winter wedding that I’d been to and I have to say, winter weddings are the way to go. In Ireland, you can’t count on the weather at the best of times and in winter you simply don’t care about it because it is definitely beyond your control. In return for this perceived loss of control, you get fairy lights, little candles, and faux fur wraps. There are also the dark nights to consider which makes the day seem short but the night seem long, if the party is the main focus of your day.

Some etiquette for brides-to-be who are attending the wedding of a friend: Don’t mention your wedding; no one cares til it’s your day. Instead, enjoy the experience of being a guest, you know how much effort is involved in putting together the big day, and you also know how much the couple want their guests to have a good time.

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