The Groom's Perspective: Getting it in the neck

In which our groom-to-be gets all tied up in knots…

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First things first, and at the risk of sounding echoey, I do know how to tie a tie. (a tie a tie a tie a tie a tie…) Although sometimes Lease likes to take matters into her own capable hands (“are you sure you wouldn’t like it a little tighter, babycakes? A bit more maybe? More? What’s that, you can’t breathe?”)

Note: This conversation never actually happened, and Lease, to my ears at least, has never called me babycakes.

Getting back to the point, I never really thought about what tie I would wear at the wedding (me not thinking is a recurring theme in my guest posts), so imagine my surprise when I found out I may not have to wear a tie at all… I may have to wear a cravat!

I always figured ties and cravats were pretty much the same thing, but I just watched an instructive video on how to tie a cravat and it turns out it’s not the same as doing a tie, so that is definitely helpful to know. I don’t know which one I’ll go for on the Big Day, it depends on what suit I decide on (though my Christmas musical tie is probably out of the question, even if we are getting married in November).

I also had a look through photos of the last two weddings I went to and both grooms seemed to favour the cravat, so that may be the done thing. I may not get it to match the bridesmaids’ shoes or the priest’s cassock as it is probably meant to… but at least it’ll be properly tied.

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