The dress hunt began in earnest in Galway last weekend. Armed with a stack of magazines and flanked by my sister-in-law and my mam, I hopped on the train from Dublin.

View of Galway Bay

I’d made an appointment at Belladonna Bridal for 4pm. It was the weekend of their massive sample sale and I’d seen a dress in the style I had in mind on their website.

Sue was the name of the lady that looked after us. I have to say she was excellent, really nice to deal with. She’d asked me if I’d tried on dresses before and I told her I’d been the once and I’d loved every one I’d tried on. After that experience I decided I’d have to become more discerning, so I had a good look online for dresses and finally found a style I was happy with.

And… they didn’t have that style in stock! They’d cleared out all their regular collections for the sample sale and there were none on the premises in the style I wanted. Not just wanted, had my heart set on. I knew in all reality that this ‘style’ I keep alluding to could look awful on me, but I had to try one on before I could know either way.

So poor Sue had a crestfallen bride-to-be on her hands who politely tried on all the dresses she suggested – while my entourage sipped champagne – but none of the dresses had that spark.

On our way back into the city centre, we decided to try another bridal shop we’d spotted in a magazine in the hotel room. Tracy Bridal was the name of it. It was half past five and they were closing at six, I’m sure they no more wanted to see us coming in than the man in the moon. But anyway, I asked if they had the style I was after and they did! I tried it on and it confirmed that that style is the one for me, but the dress was in bad nick (torn seams and zips) because it was a sample so it was hard to imagine myself in that particular one. But they’re getting them in again in Jan so another great excuse to go to Galway!

I know… any excuse to get away on a girls’ weekend!

We stayed in The Harbour Hotel, ate at Da Tang Noodle House and GBC and traveled Irish Rail.

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  1. kat

    Great to hear you found the style you liked.

    I was just thinking how it’s great to hear the groom’s input now and again on the blog, but his presence ruins one crucial blog post – how we would love to have a friday poll on what dress you’re going to wear :)

    Honouring her love of social media, the bride travels the length and breath of Ireland trying on every dress possible and posting the pictures (with at least one meringue thrown in for fun) online.

    And in a concept that I’m sure Simon Cowell has already patented, we get to vote one off every Friday.

    C’mon what could possibly go wrong with leaving one of the most important details of the wedding in the hands of the online community? :)

    • I know, it’s the other side of blogging about your wedding, there is the chance of literally ANYONE reading it so you have to be careful how much detail you share. I do like your idea though, you’re a real Syco :)

  2. Emz

    Glad to read that you’ve found a style that suits – half the battle won! I really was surprised by the state of some of the dresses I tried on also – some shops had dresses were filthy & in really bad repair which really turned the shop itself as it really wouldn’t have taken to much to send them to the dry cleaners every once in a while!

    • That is an excellent point, and hopefully there are some bridal wear shops reading this and they’ll take it on board. It’s hard to imagine that a torn or shopworn dress is the prototype for the most fabulous dress you’ve ever worn

  3. Great little blog you have here and love your story . . .

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