Friday Poll: Who chose the ring?

It was the item that cemented your commitment to each other and set you off on the flurry of wedding planning, but who was responsible for choosing it? Have your say peoples, it’s the Friday Poll…


Engagement Ring[polldaddy poll=3957308]

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  1. hiya, i’ve been following your blog now for a few weeks and i’m really enjoying it. its making me all excited about planning our wedding. i started a blog recently too, about the very subject your poll is about, the ring. i’m still learing about blog etiquette, but if you would like to see it i can add a link to it.

    • Hi Aoife,

      Just been to your blog and I think it’s a really interesting project! I’ve added you to my Links and Resources Page and Blogroll so all readers can look at it too. Can’t wait to see how it progresses :)

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