Friday Poll: Kids at Weddings

Back by popular demand, it’s the series that listens to you and finds answers to those niggling questions about weddings – today it’s the issue of kids at weddings, welcome back to The Friday Poll…

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  1. Yup, having our nieces and nephews and a couple of other children, though they are quite closely related. We haven’t invited all of our cousin’s children or our friends children or anything like that, it’s mainly family.

    Wouldn’t be without them, they’re all excited. I’m not having any adult bridesmaids at all, just having my niece (9) and other niece (5) as flowergirl.

  2. Lauralooo

    At our wedding reception back home(we got married in Vegas) everyone was invited to bring their kids. We set up a separate area in the marquee for them. They had their own little disco, inflatable pool filled with balls, colouring books, arts and crafts,magician etc and were closely watched by roping in babysitters. I think if we were to have our reception in a hotel etc it would be different and just very close family/friends children.

  3. Fifibelle

    We’re having 2, 3 at most. I don’t want to sound harsh, but weddings are really for adults, they’re not a kids’ party. Plus the amount of alcohol around would make me nervous if teenagers were coming to the whole day or the evening part of a wedding.

  4. See, I think weddings are for families, not just exclusively for adults.

    Easy for me to say I guess, as I don’t have any kids of my own and I won’t be the one minding them on the day! I won’t be the one watching the teenagers around the booze either, that’ll be their parents’ job!

    I’ll be off in my own little wedding bubble!

  5. We’re not having any as we don’t really know any! That might sound crazy – especially considering the size of my family – but most of my friends don’t have kids and my close cousins who do have toddlers and it would be more hassle for them to look after the kids all day than leave them with the inlaws and enjoy a day off.
    I love to see pics of cute kids all dressed up at weddings though, and if we did have closely related kids 4+ I’m sure it’d be a different story.
    As for teenagers though… We were all teenagers once and we all know how resourceful they can be when it comes to alcohol, shudder! :)

  6. LittleLily

    We were the same as you B and J. Don’t really know anyone with kids, which was just fine by us. The few weddings I’ve been to where theres been kids its been a bit of a mess really. Even the walk up the aisle became a drama.

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