Friday Poll: Get Shorty?

Believe it our not, the most popular post on this blog is about short wedding dresses… Does this mean that brides are turning their backs on the more traditional long gowns in favour of the shorter option?

Short Wedding Dress

Today’s Friday poll is simple: Would you dare to bare?

[polldaddy poll=3814782]

Would love to hear your comments on this one…

  • The dress pictured is available from Kalioseano on Etsy, made to order for $325.00 USD + postage.

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  1. I really like them on models, but short wedding dresses are just not for me…..

  2. Not for me. Terrible legs.

    I want a GOWN for the day of my wedding, not just a pretty dress.

  3. They are a great option to have for those having very casual weddings or simply the brides who don’t feel as comfortable in a long dress.

  4. I love them, but I am too short and stumpy to wear one!

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