Friday Poll: What's ya Fava?

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with favours. I’ve seen countless amounts of them gathering dust in some drawer somewhere only to be eventually thrown out.

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I find it hard to justify them although I know they are intended as a thank-you to your guests on the big day. That being so, here’s the Friday Poll…

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  1. Enda Bolger

    Personalised Candle:- Won’t last kissing time.
    Charity Donation:- Don’t trust ‘em.
    Lottery Tickets:- Money better spent in the bookies I reckon.
    Chocolates:- I’ll be too stuffed from the beef.
    Personalised Love Hearts:- Blow me!

    That is why I the Personalised Cigar got my vote…
    Plus, as my good friend Groucho Marx once said “Given the choice between a woman and a cigar, I will always choose the cigar.”

  2. Bambi

    I opted out of the poll as I do on the wedding favour notion. Surely the thank you cards are the thank-you your guests hope for most. We’ve been discussing lately how few couples actually send them these days. So my vote is for prompt thank you cards!

    • Do you think maybe some couples see favours and thank-you cards as an and/or choice?
      I definitely think Thank You cards are important, prompt ones are another matter, as the honeymoon, getting cards printed (if applicable) and writing individual heart-felt thank-yous to all your guests takes a lot of time. I would encourage patience in these matters :)

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