Friday Poll: Do you register?


...they can't all be toasters darling... can they?

Nowadays, a lot of couples live together and may even own property together before they wed so they generally have most of the bits and bobs they need… where do Gift Lists fall in the equation, then? Have your say… it’s the Friday Poll

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  1. I love the idea of having a registry, but I don’t think it’s the ‘done’ thing in Ireland, more’s the pity. Hopefully it will come into popularity by the time we are making ours!

  2. kat

    Another contribution from Scandinavia. Registering with a department store is not done, but it’s totally okay to send out a “wish list” if people are looking for inspiration for what to give as a gift. And it makes it seem less forceful by using modern technology. Most wedding invites are now sent out with a website address with a note that it’ll be updated with a wish list, directions to the venue, etc later. Many couples make a cheap and cheerful wordpress wedding site and that way guests can choose to check the wish list or not and it doesn’t seem so much like begging.

    As for asking for money, it’s always a tough one. But every wedding I’ve been to, the couples have succeeded in asking for money in polite way without offending. Try asking for contributions to your honeymoon, or if you’re planning on buying a new bed, etc. People don’t seem so put out about a cash gift if they feel it’ll help you get that dream honeymoon or the like.

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