The Cake Topper Company

Friday Find: The Cake Topper Company

When I discovered these charmingly quirky cake toppers, I could feel a Friday Find coming on…  Crafty Nicola Hyland is the woman behind The Cake Topper Company, an Irish-based and somehow inevitable expression of  one lady’s creative side.

“My dad would argue that my first company began when I used to make homemade birthday cards as a child and write “Nic’s Card World” on the back.

“The Cake Topper Company began when a friend of mine asked me to make the cake topper for her wedding.  After the immediate panic of ‘Gaahh! How do you make a cake topper?!’ subsided, I got to work and started experimenting with different materials.  I found I really enjoyed the process of making the topper and felt that maybe this was the creative outlet I had been looking for.”

As well as these little gems, Nicola also does custom orders. Prices from €50.

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  1. These are fun. It’s a detail that can make such a difference. A couple of years ago I did a Chelsea wedding where the bride was already 7 months pregnant. They’re cake topper was them with the father behind wielding a double barrelled shotgun! it was perfect in every detail including their outfits for the day. Photographers dream!

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