Kieran Elaine Real Wedding Rubistyle

Elaine & Kieran – Quirky Accessories

Kieran Elaine Real Wedding Rubistyle

One thing I do love to see is an Irish wedding with the Quirk Factor. Elaine & Kieran got married in Barberstown Castle and they posed with lips and moustaches on the ends of sticks. They had a blue wedding car and the bridesmaids carried white lilies which were purple on the inside. It’s all in the detail, folks!

[box] Photos reproduced with kind permission of the lovely Rubistyle Photography. You can see more pics of this fab real wedding on her website. [/box]

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  1. Dec O'Farrell Go Rubistyle !!

    Go Rubistyle !!

  2. Lou

    Fab :) any chance they will share the source for the lips? Have been looking for some just like these already have the moustaces :)

  3. Hi Lou, the lips and mpustaches are indeed from whiskerworks :-)

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