Destination Wedding in Ireland

I love destination weddings, but I’ve never seen Ireland through that vantage point… until now! Check out this American wedding in Ireland from Mark Romine Photography…

Interesting to see, no? I have to say, I’ve seen our luscious green country in a whole new light since I stumbled across these photos. Isn’t it a wonderful place for a wedding, all the same?

For more photos from this wedding, visit Mark Romaine’s Blog. I know Mark and the gang really enjoyed coming to Ireland to photograph the wedding and would love to come back again so are very willing to travel if you think they’re the photographers for you!

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  1. Fifibelle

    B-E-A-oootiful!!No other word for it!!

  2. Gorgeous! Looks like it could be an old Italian village somewhere doesn’t it?

  3. Thanks Lisa for posting and sharing this with all your readers! This was such an incredible experience for all of us! We would do it all over again if we could.

  4. wow looks amazing. Imagine the sound of the musicians in the round tower!!! Is the road Connor Pass in dingle?? Looks very familiar.

  5. I love to read about destination weddings. My next wedding will to Ireland. I want silk flowers for the memory of my bouquet. Ireland is so so pretty.

  6. Rose:

    That photo was not taken at Conner Pass, although we drove through the pass. This road was very near to the famous Sleeping Giant and the Beehive Huts on Dingle.

    Here are some more photos on my blog that we took while in Ireland:
    and also here:

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