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Colour Inspiration: Nikki and Joe’s Red and Black Denver Wedding

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Question: What’s black and white and red all over?

Black White and Red Winter Wedding

No, it’s not a newspaper, a penguin with sunburn, or a nun falling down the stairs, it’s this fabulously elegant Denver wedding in Black and White and Red (all over).

This is a dramatic and daring colour scheme, but in the right hands it can be simply stunning, especially for Winter Weddings.

With thanks to Two Bright Lights.


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  1. Nicki and Joe’s wedding was a lot of fun for me to shoot. The dramatic color theme helped me to get a lot of good photos. I love it when Brides go a little bit out of the box with the cool themes. Most of my Brides even ask me for my opinion about the colors they pick. What would look better on the ph
    otos. A wedding is for me also a big fashion shoot.

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