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Cola and Snowflakes a Cool Engagement11

Cola and Snowfights – A Cool Engagement

Today’s post is a first for Bride and Joy – a themed engagement shoot from Italy. It’s no secret that the Italians are one of the most stylish nations in the world, and this post illustrates it. Tracy and Nicola have fun in the snow with heart shaped balloons, lanterns, a sled and Coca Cola. …

Winter Weddings - Featured Pinterest Board

Pinterest Featured Board – Winter Wedding Craft Inspiration

Today the Winter Bride Guide continues with the second installment of our new Pinterest Featured Board Series – highlighting some of my favourite boards on the virtual pinboard. Winter Wedding Craft Inspiration Today’s post is a special winter-themed double-whammy of inspiration – first up is the board I gathered all my winter wedding craft inspiration …

Winter Wedding Craft DIY Projects

The Winter Bride Guide Part 2: DIY Projects and Treats

…AND we’re back! Having a bit of an auld root through the archives to bring you some Winter Wedding Inspiration. Last week, we had a look at Practical Tips for Winter Weddings and Real Wedding Inspiration, today we have an eclectic mix of DIY projects, essential cold-weather accessorising and what Mr Joy thinks about the …

Jeans and Boots Winter Engagement

Jeans, Flannels and Boots: A Winter Engagement

Snow is one of my absolute favourite things. To look at. That’s why when I saw this beautiful winter engagement session by Gypsy Tree Photograpy I

Practical Tips for Winter Weddings

The Winter Bride Guide part 1 – Top Tips and Inspiration

The season is well and truly upon us – the decorations are going up and the gloves are er… on. If, like myself you’re a winter┬ábride, it’s your time to shine baby! In the first of a two-part series dedicated to all things wintery and weddingy, today we load up on inspirational real weddings and …

Wedding Julie Wagner and John Bernhardt

Colour Inspiration: Nikki and Joe’s Red and Black Denver Wedding

Question: What’s black and white and red all over? No, it’s not a newspaper, a penguin with sunburn, or a nun falling down the stairs, it’s this