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And The Bride Wore Cowboy Boots-16

…And the Bride Wore Cowboy Boots

This blog is all about getting wed your own way, and this is exactly what Nikki and Barrett did, in Montana’s Red Lodge. In the winter it’s a haven of snowboarding and skiing, but on July 14 it was the perfect green setting for a rustic wedding with a country twist as photographer Kat Skye …


Spotlight on Rangoli – Bespoke Jewellery

Time for some proper sparkly girly fun! When it comes to being a one-of-a-kind bride, one easy (and not to mention beautiful) ways to bring some of The Quirk Factor to your wedding is to commission your own piece of bridal jewelery. But if you’re a bit stumped as to where to start, or what the …

Wedding Glitter Shoe DIY How-To

Wedding DIY: Glitter Shoe Soles

For this project, you will need: Glitter – I picked mine up in Hickeys on Mary Street (it’s cute and heart shaped!). Super Glue Some gorgeous shoes   1. First of

Black Beads

The Importance of Being Accessorised

My obsession with vintage continues… today we focus on how one dress can be accessorised three different looks. The dress was bought for $30 in a

Dirty Fabulous vintage gowns

Shopping in a Vintage Wonderland

Vintage is one wedding trend that is here to stay. What’s not to like – it’s kind to the environment, it’s easy on the eye, and

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Like a Kid in a Candy Store

Last Saturday, I rounded up two of my lovely bridesmaids and my mam and headed off in search of a dress, and ultimately, a colour theme

Back of a wedding dress

The Dress, The Stress, and some Great Advice.

Some of you may know I’ve been writing for mrs2be’s wedding blog for some time now, but have you seen the amazing revamp it’s just undergone?


Still stumped for Valentine's Day?

Two words guaranteed to bring a smile on this most romantic of days: Jewellery and Cakes. And two Irish sisters are leading the way producing just that.


Anthropologie Bridal, or: Why 2011 is a great year to get wed

Hands up who loves Anthropologie? The homes and interiors website is positively bulging with all the cute, quirky little bits and bobs that make my world go

Sole Survivor

Well the weather’s gone to the cobblers and A&E departments countrywide are filling up with poor unfortunates whose shoes let them down on an icy patch.

Caring for your engagement ring

Diamonds are made of tough stuff. Not only are they sparkly and eye-catching, they last for generations. Having said that, there are some steps you can

Wrapped up

If there’s anything the past week has thought me, it’s the art of layering. As a winter bride-to-be, I will most definitely be investing in a

Something Blue…

Today’s little bit of bridal inspiration solves one of the common questions brides ask themselves: What will my ‘Something Blue’ be? Crafted by hand, these double-tiered bows

Bargain Alert! Retro Birdcage Veil

If you are in the market for the oh-so-desirable retro Birdcage style veil that’s all the rage at the moment, take a trip over to Lily


The dress hunt began in earnest in Galway last weekend. Armed with a stack of magazines and flanked by my sister-in-law and my mam, I hopped