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Pinterest Featured Board - Mid Century Modern Wedding

Pinterest Featured Board – Mid Century Modern Wedding

Today’s Pinterest Featured Board is for all you lovers of vintage, here’s a fab dose of retro inspiration with a twist. Mid Century Modern (or MCM)

pinterest vintage wedding board

Pinterest Featured Board – Vintage Wedding

Vintage is such a timeless source of wedding inspiration, and it ain’t going anywhere. From clutches to bird cages, from tea cups to lace garters, you’ll

Winter Weddings - Featured Pinterest Board

Pinterest Featured Board – Winter Wedding Craft Inspiration

Today the Winter Bride Guide continues with the second installment of our new Pinterest Featured Board Series – highlighting some of my favourite boards on the virtual pinboard. Winter Wedding Craft Inspiration Today’s post is a special winter-themed double-whammy of inspiration – first up is the board I gathered all my winter wedding craft inspiration …

Wedding Pic Envy - Featured Pinterest Board

Pinterest Featured Board – Wedding Pic Envy

Today I’m dee-lighted to set the ball rolling on a new regular blog feature – designed specifically to deliver maximum wedding inspiration in one place. You may recall our previous feature on Pinterest – the online virtual pinboard where you can create inspiration boards and share photographs – well this series will highlight some of my …

Quirk-Factor Wedding Moodboard on Pinterest

Something that’s piqued my interest…

This week I’ve really been concentrating on planning our own wedding – we’re nearly at the 6 month mark and I can’t believe it! It will

Pinterest Screen Shot

New Obsession: Pinterest

It was a blog post over at Apartment Therapy that first alerted me to the joy that is Pinterest. The site describes itself as “a virtual pinboard

iDo… Friday Poll

Over one million iPhones were sold on its first weekend of release, so we could guess that by now they are everywhere. But do you have

WC Wedding Budget

Bride with an iPhone – WC Wedding Budget

We’ve all heard the expression ‘There’s an app for that’ – and apps add endless functionality to your iPhone. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded


Group Purchasing and your Wedding

Call it a sign of the times; in the past few months lots of group purchasing websites like Groupon CityDeal, LivingSocial and’s Megadeal have launched


Finding GPS Co-ordinates for your Venue

This is the first post in a new series called ‘Get Us to the Church on Time!’ . All the posts in this category have one

Green Weddings: eInvites?

I’m reading quite an interesting e-book called ‘Oh My God What Happened And What Should I Do?’ at the moment (if a title like that doesn’t