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What’s It Worth?

We’ve all felt it; the urge to splurge – when you want that unmistakable (and often sadly, temporary) rush that comes from spending. When you’re planning a wedding, you’d be surprised how often you come up against it. But with wants being wants, needs being needs and optional extras being just that – optional, sometimes it’s …

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How to Save Money as a Wedding Guest

Earlier this week, freelance reporter for the Irish Independent Lisa Jewell approached Bride and Joy with a pickle: How can you save money when attending a wedding. We’ve all thought of ways to creatively save money when having our own big day, but what about when you’re attending someone else’s? It’s a fact of life …

Save the date

Save the Dates: 5 Things to You Need to Know

So you’ve booked the big day and you want to spread the word! Save the Dates are now a common trend for Irish weddings. While they’re

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Plus None? 5 Practical Ways to Draw the Line

Some couples dream of massive weddings with everyone they know in attendance. Others prefer a smaller affair; perhaps a destination wedding, or a small elopement with

Save The Date or Save Your Budget

Thomas and Jessica’s fairground engagement session post was a big hit on Monday, and it’s got us to thinking about Save the Dates… Generally they’re not the

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Regrets? We’ve had a few…

…but then again, too few to mention? Six months to go and we’re deep in the heart of Guest List territory. Things are getting brutal. The combination

Calling all DIY Brides…

Tweens have Miley Cyrus, geeks have Bill Gates and Irish brides have… Franc. During boom times he helped plan and stage amazing, lavish affairs and now he’s

Money Jar

When Wedding Planning Meets Redundancy

Today’s topic is not a pleasant one but I feel it is important to discuss. Redundancy is something that has become a fact of Irish life

WC Wedding Budget

Bride with an iPhone – WC Wedding Budget

We’ve all heard the expression ‘There’s an app for that’ – and apps add endless functionality to your iPhone. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded


Group Purchasing and your Wedding

Call it a sign of the times; in the past few months lots of group purchasing websites like Groupon CityDeal, LivingSocial and’s Megadeal have launched


The Bridehood of the Traveling Lanterns

Sometimes you read something and it just gives you a little lift. This happened me yesterday as I was browsing the Weddings Online forums and I

Money Saving Tips: Negotiating with Suppliers

A lot of us are feeling the pinch these days. This includes wedding vendors. However many will be willing to offer a discount in order to

Money Money Money

I haven’t done an ‘Our Story’ post in a little while and that’s because we’re busy saving!     Planning a