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Horse Shoes and Cowboy Boots Wedding

Horse Shoes and Cowboy Boots: A Country Wedding

I’m loving the unique rustic charm of this beautiful wedding. Art teacher Kelly rolled up her sleeves and put a personal touch on her wedding to Jeff by making many of the details herself. You will probably know by now that I really love DIY weddings and this one is no exception. Rustic floral arrangements …

Beautiful Woodland Wedding

Wedding Detail Spy: Beautiful Rustic Woodland Wedding

There are so many details to capture your imagination in this gorgeous, rustic and whimsical woodland wedding from Colarado. The unique invitations, the ski lift (be

Candlelit DIY Texas Wedding

Wedding Detail Spy: Candlelit DIY Texas

Today’s Wedding Detail spy is a beautiful hand-made wedding with carefully considered details that radiates warmth from every photograph. The couple in question – Shelbey and

Sweet DIY Architects Wedding

Planning a wedding the Architect’s Way

This is for you if you like the how behind the pretty. Today we’re joined by recent bride Heidi who’s approach to planning a wedding was influenced by the fact that she – and her husband James are trainee architects. You can see from their wedding photos by the wonderful Jeff Simpson Photography that they paid …


Secret Vegan Wedding

  Jessica and Bryan planned their wedding hundreds of miles away, in San Fransisco. With the help of Jessica’s mother doing the flowers, and Jessica’s brother finding the reception and putting everything together…they had a beautiful wedding day. One other quirk is that Jessica and Bryan are both vegans. They wanted food to be a huge …

Country Cool Wedding

Wedding Detail Spy: Country Cool

When Megan and Tim decided to tie the knot, they wanted their wedding to family-friendly and fun for all. Lawn games, grass stains and a few DIY projects later, here are their photographs. Megan, I think it’s safe to say mission accomplished! “Some of my favorite photos that Kaylan captured were those of the children running …

Colour Rush Wedding

Colour Rush: Stacie and Todd

  Here’s a beautiful, colourful wedding that will warm you right up! The bride, Stacie, loved the flowers the most about the big day. Petals along footpaths,

& Travis — Retro Blue and Red Inspiration" href="">Retro Red and Blue Wedding

& Travis — Retro Blue and Red Inspiration"> Jayme & Travis — Retro Blue and Red Inspiration

Wow. When this wedding landed in my inbox I was blown away by the colour scheme of aqua blue and cherry red. These colours have such a

Green Weddings: eInvites?

I’m reading quite an interesting e-book called ‘Oh My God What Happened And What Should I Do?’ at the moment (if a title like that doesn’t